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Anya 2015 icon.png
(Russian: Аннушка)
(Japanese: アンヌーシュカ)

FULL NAME: Annushka Dmitrievna Petrovskaya (Russian: Аннушка Дмитриевна Петровская); "Dmitri" is the man that created her, she sees him as a father figure (hence the patronym). This full name is only used for character purposes; in UTAU works, please just refer to her as "Annushka".

ALIAS: Anya (Russian: Аня; Japanese: アーニャ) Short version of Annushka. You can use this as a nickname if you'd like.

NAME INTERPRETATION: Just a random Russian female name that the author liked.

TYPE: Lotte♥Loid

Ivan (genderbend g+15)

Hanami Hoshino (fellow Lotte♥Loid)

QUINN (fellow Lotte♥Loid)

Joëll (fellow Lotte♥Loid)

LEONA (fellow Lotte♥Loid)

Prima (Vocaloid idol)

AGE Unknown, over a 100 years old (though since she's a doll she's pretty much ageless) GENRE Opera, classical/baroque, folk/ethnic, new age, ambient, symphonic metal, operatic pop HOMEPAGE Lotte V's UTAU Things
WEIGHT Unspecified CHARACTER ITEM Wind-up key CREATOR Lotte V
BIRTHDAY November 26 (day of release) LIKES

Tea, confectionaries, classical music, ballet, theatre, haute-couture fashion, clean spaces, well-mannered people

RELEASE DATE November 26, 2012 DISLIKES Poor people, tramps, second-hand clothing, dirty spaces, people without manners SIGNATURE SONG None

PERSONALITY: Annushka is a himedere who's also a bit old-fashioned. Despite looking young, she has the personality of a rich old lady due to the fact she's from the 1800's. She comments a lot on "the unmannered youth of today and their bad tastes in everything" and can be very judgemental of people, though when you break the ice with her she can be a good friend.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Pink
Headgear: Red bow
Eye color: Cherry red
Headphones: None
Dress/outfit: See concept art.
Nationality/Race: Russian porcelain doll

Voice Configuration

Annushka's latest voicebank can be downloaded from this folder. Hiragana-encoded, romaji-aliased CV+VCV Lite with extra sounds for other languages.

Usage Clause

The creator of Annushka has specified a few rules regarding her usage:

1. Annushka may NOT be used in anything violent and/or discriminatory (violent as in: seriously trying to harm people). However, songs about fictional violence (and other controversial subjects) are allowed.

2. Adult-oriented depictions are allowed, as long as said depictions display consent between all the parties involved. Also, when said depiction is not music-related, it is preferred you ask permission beforehand, though not required.

3. Usage for religious songs is allowed, as long as it's not offensive and/or meant to convert people. Worship songs are OK.

4. Do NOT claim Annushka as your own UTAUloid.

5. When you want to RP Annushka, please ask me first.

6. When you use Annushka, you must always credit her creator.

7. Do NOT use Annushka for commercial products without permission.

8. Do NOT edit her voicebank to make your own. Fanloids are only allowed with prior permission.

9. Do NOT depict Annushka in (non-music) fanfiction unless you have permission from the creator.

10. If you encounter (cosmetic) errors with Annushka's oto.ini file, feel free to edit them. However, do NOT redistribute the edited oto.ini without permission of the creator.

11. And last, but not least: Annushka's personality is free to interpret by whoever uses her.

The information seen here is based on data provided by the author. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.