Angel Red looks like

Angel Red (Angello Revesos)

Angel Red

(Japanese:エンジェル・レッド - Angel Red)


.....I think it's pretty self explanitory...a red angel...... oh, btw, his real name is Angello Revesos.

TYPE: UTAU, KASSYDloid (refering to my 6 UTAUs.)
MODEL: 02 (this number is located under the hair at the back of the head;on the base of the skull)


Sings: A#2-A5

(he can hit C6 though... with the syllable "a" or "ra")


Jonetsune Kosuke

Jonetsune Daisuke

Sotto Dio     (Friend [and le saviour; from when he was roaming earth alone after he was cast down from heaven])

Yuki Kwon


Sonny Belgrave

AGE 24

125lb // 57kg (3lb of this is the weight of his wings)

[As a pomegranate: 18oz // 500g]

CHARACTER ITEM Strawberries, Sky Scarf CREATOR



Nadir Sidali

(I told the voicer to sing at a certain pitch; that's why Angel can sing so high)





7th ‎May







12th July 2014

(I finished his voice June 11th(but postponed release) and he was supposed to be ready for July 7th... (...But I postponed release...))


[Q] the moment....


Angello was born one of blonde angels in heaven. He was predicted to live a worthy life until one day a demon crashed open the gates to heaven and threatened to kill all of the angels unless one blonde angel baby was sacrificed for the greater good of the angels; the angel baby that was sacrificed, was Angello. Before Angello was completely pulled down to hell, another angel from the blonde angels swooped down and took Angello's soul from his body but left a small portion still in there to keep the child body alive. The angel then found the nearest fruit that she could find for him to re-develop in; that fruit was a Pomegranate but since Pomegranates are seen as the forrbidden fruit in heaven the angel had to hide the developing Angello under her robes and sneak him back into heaven where she would then raise him as her own once he hatched.

Angello was a very happy healthy young angel, but because of the fact that instead of having the standard light blonde hair and green or blue eyes that all of the other blonde angels had and having strawberry blonde hair and dark red-ish pink eyes (that and the fact that he couldn't hide his wings in the presence of humans and instead turned into a Pomegranate that could speak and move from place to place)he was shunned by all of the other angels. When Angello was old enough to understand that he was different, he hid from everyone in his home and never left his room.

Some years went past and when God found out about Angello and how he was brought back to being from that day when the baby was sacrificed, he suspicioned that Angello was a demon that took the form of an angel and therefore cast Angello out of heaven, never to return again.

Angello roamed the unfamilliar Earth; lost and alone. His wings would eventually go black from the sorrow, until one day when Angello was laying depressed in a corner of an alleyway, he was found by another angel; this angel's name was Sotto Dio. Sotto explained to Angello that he had also been cast down from heaven for being born with only one wing. And thus their friendship began with them vowing to do all they can to sing in order to get back to heaven.

Visual Description

Hair: Short, stylized, somewhat spiky strawberry blonde hair with a "Hetalia-like curl" on the right side of his head.

Eyes: Hot pink to light pink gradiation

Color Scheme: Red, Pink, Gold, Silver, Blue.

Neck Wear: Sky Scarf

Top: Red jacket with a stand-up collar; has pink trim and a pink breast pocket (it looks like Daisuke's jacket but more extravagant).

Arm Wear/Nails: Two wine red "miku-like" sleeves that have pink trim. Dark to light blue gradiation coloured nails

Trousers: Red trousers and a 3 in 1 belt chain.

Footwear: Red knee high boots with pink trim and pink bases.

Headphones: One in ear head piece for the left ear with a Pomegranate shaped motif on the in ear bit; microphone built in.

Birth Marks/Other Stuff: Pomegranate shaped birthmark on his lower back.

Nationality: Spanish/Italian/Japanese

Voicebank Download

All of my UTAUloids have now been privatised; please contact me directly if you would like me to give you Angello's voicebank.



Terms of Use:

1) Do NOT claim Angello's voicebank as your own.

2) Please don't use his voicebank commercially.

3) Please don't use his likeness commercially UNLESS I GIVE YOU PERMISSION.

4) Don't redistrubute, edit or create Fanloids of his voicebank in any way, shape, or form. 

5) Draw as much fanart of him as you want but when using him in "more adult stuff", please follow the rules I have left in his "readme" file on UTAU. NO R18 CONTENT IS ALLOWED TO BE MADE WITH THIS CHARACTER OR HIS VOICE.

6) You don't have to ask me to use him for a song. Please let me see the outcome though! X3

7) NO MAKING HIM SING SONGS LIKE "GIGANTIC OTN" OR "POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE"!!! DX (I might allow some negotiation if you think a song is quite like "Gigantic OTN" but it's not as brash and you still want him to sing it. Note me on dA about it; I'll be happy to help. ^_^)

8) Please don't make him sing or say anything rude or offensive directed at anyone; though I doubt anyone will... (this includes religions, races, genders, sexualities, etc.)

9) Please don't RolePlay him, at any point in time.

10) Please do NOT change his physical appearance or hairstyle, ever. Please don't change his clothing unless it is to suit a certain song. (BTW! When you're drawing Angello, you CAN neglect to draw his wings; just... *ALWAYS DRAW HIS AHOGE AND HIS HALO..!!* ( *^*)/ [otherwisehejustlookslikeagrownupNagisa..!!] AND in accordance with the lore of the backstories and world I have for my characters, if an angel's halo is not visable or there anymore, it means that the angel IS DEAD...)

11) When uploading anything with Angello(Angel) in it, Please don't forget to tag the upload with "Angel Red" and "Angello Revesos".