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Supplemental Information

Hair color: Short black hair in the front purple with a clip

Eye color: Monochrome in the right blue and the left green

Earphones: She have a normal earphones thats means they are grey

Dress: A blue dress, a jacket large purple, pants green aquamarine and boots blue

Nueva Amy 1.3.png

Others: NONE

Nationality/Race: Argentine-Japanese

Favorite phrase: You are sweet (あなたは甘いです) Come on, do not give up now (さあ、今あきらめないでください)

Voice Configuration

She actually can sing in japanese (with romaji and hiragana) and she can sing in spanish too, but is a very much work

Voicebank: http://www.mediafire.com/download/c51lyhzf495cond/Amy+Murasaki.rar