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Mazune Ami

(Japanese: まず音アミ )


まず (mazu- first)  (ne- sound). Combined, it will be Mazune, which means first sound to signify the fact that she is the creator's first UTAUloid. 

アミ (Ami- a play on the creator's first name)

TYPE: UTAUloid (she was originally made to be the creator's UTAU avatar, but eventually evolved into an UTAUloid)

MODEL: A21 (A- the first syllable of her name. The number 21 is an important date for the creator, and also her lucky number)

GENDER Female VOICE RANGE G3-C5 (can sing at a higher range safely) RELATED CHARACTERS Erika (friend and senior)
AGE 16 GENRE Undetermined HOMEPAGE Yet to be created
WEIGHT 108 lbs (49 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Purple cellphone CREATOR Ami-tan
BIRTHDAY May 10, 2014 (date when the first idea for her creation came up) LIKES Spicy/salty foods, chocolates, and the dark MEDIA LIST SOUNDCLOUD, YOUTUBE, NicoNicoDouga
RELEASE DATE November 16, 2014 DISLIKES Getting scolded, falling ill, perverts SIGNATURE SONG Kocchi Muite Baby! (CV release), Macaron (VCV release)
PERSONALITY: A cheerful girl with a mild tendency to act tsundere. An extreme perfectionist, she absolutely hates her body's poor health condition. Falls ill at least twice in a week. She became an otaku as a result of reading too many mangas while she was on her bed rests. She also has a crush on a manga character, though she is too shy to say who he is. Her hobbies include writing fanfictions about the official Vocaloids, reading shounen mangas, and listening to music (her favorite genre is rock).

Supplemental Information

Skin color: Pale

Hair color/length: Black, waist-length

Headgear: White-and-purple newsboy cap 

Eye color: Dark brown

Earphones: Purple earphones, usually connected to her cellphone

Attire: Sleeveless white sailor fuku with white-striped purple collar tied with a ribbon in front, purple pleated skirt with a white stripe, long purple gloves with white accent, and purple lace-up boots with heels. 

B-W-H: 34C, 24, 35 

Nationality: Malaysian-Japanese

Extra: Because of her falling ill very often, her voice was affected by it and ended up sounding a little nasal. This fact made her very annoyed and she wants to get rid of it in her future banks.

Concept arts

Voice Configuration


  • ACT1 CV- Download here


  • VCV CORE- Download here

Progress report

Works are under way to record an updated CV voicebank, and a multipitch VCV or KIRE append voicebank is being considered.

Terms of use

1. Do not claim her voicebank as your own eg. by pitching her voicebank or re-distributing her as your own UTAU. 

2. Credit Ami-tan/bokunoai as the owner.

3. Do not use her for political or religious purposes, though you may use her to sing hymns.

4. Apart from the above-mentioned purposes, you can use her to sing anything (even 18+ things, but nothing too extreme)

5. Do not use her character in any other medias or roleplays without permission from the owner.

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