Amaya Tsubasa

Tsubasa Kei Style


His DeviantArt user is Tefy-chan TefySama

Related Character

Hitomine Amaya Aika(cousin)

Kurani Chizu (friend)

'Yukiko Shirahana(friend)

Anami Eli (Friend)


Tsubasa's name means wings(tsubasa) rainy night (amaya) = Wings of a rainy night

Measures: 1.72

Weighs: 60

birthday: February 14

Tsubasa shares the cruel past of Aika is usually a guy arrogant, perverted, a bit womanizer, and indecisive

Amaya Tsubasa is another Utau from the future (to be exact Century 24), cousin of Aika Hitomine Amaya,since he was a baby was devoted to caring for her cousin Aika and was always with her to all situations, after which they Aika went to the past, was punished in the mob, and when he went straight away to his cousin. What was not expected was that Tsubasa was that Aika became girlfriend Mikuo, Tsubasa knowing this was frustrated (because he likes his own cousin) and from that day he has a grudge against Hatsune Mikuo.

Voice Bank

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is g+15 of Aika

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