Amane Amai (甘音アマイ)

is a FURloid (UTAU). At the moment she doesn't have a defined voice.

even though she doesn't have a defined voice, her voice can be made by 'CeVIO', using the voice of satou sasara with some minor adjustments.


A very friendly 16-year-old pink fox, but a little shy and awkward when she meets someone new, she likes to sing, dance, play and make sweets and hates being alone and the dark

sometimes, when things don't go the way she wants or when she is very nervous, she says things like "やんぱっくざ!" and "わわわ〜、くりくりくり〜!" she loses control and doesn't even know what she is saying

More About

Age: 16

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Body Size: Bust: 90cm, Waist: 55cm, Hip: 88cm

Real Name: Sachiko Kamachi (蒲池 幸子)


  • Rou Kemonone (a big friend of hers, she calls him "kemonorin~" for an unknown reason)
  • WALTT (another big friend of hers, she calls him "big puss boy" for being tall and "big volt")


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