(Japanese: 綿菓子甘い蝶 - わたかしあまいちょう - Watakashi Amaicho)
甘い蝶 = Sweet Butterfly

綿菓子 = Cotton Candy

TYPE: UTAUloid, Cottonloid
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE C#4~G5 RELATED CHARACTERS Tobutori Watakashi (Twin brother)
AGE 17 GENRE Pop, Ballad, Rock HOMEPAGE Official website
WEIGHT 88 lbs (40 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Cotton Candy that changes from Pink to Blue CREATOR InformationUTAU
HEIGHT 4'8" (142 cm) VOICE SOURCE InformationUTAU PICTURE LINK LIST CONCEPT ART, PIAPRO, PIXIV, watakashi DEVIANT ART, watakashi GELBOORU, watakashi&as_epq=綿菓子甘い蝶 GOOGLE IMAGE, watakashi PHOTOBUCKET
BIRTHDAY September 5, 1997 LIKES Dressing up, dancing, singing, baking, eating Cotton Candy, and friends MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, watakashi+%22綿菓子甘い蝶%22 YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE September 5, 2014 DISLIKES People who don't like her friends, Metal, Rap, bad cookies, and people who make fun of her height SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: Amaicho Watakashi is an upbeat, happy, kind, and innocent 17 year old girl who loves to spread her voice around the world hoping to brighten spirits.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: (Brunette)
Headgear: (Two tone headphones)
Eye color: (Blue)
Earphones: (Two tone headset)
Dress/Outfit: (Long two color shirt tied around the waist under her breasts with black sash and a two color waist bow, two color leather armwarmers, two matching Black bracelets with a heart shaped Sapphire, two color jean shorts, and mismatching high heels. The right side of her outfit is pink while the left side is Blue. Only the bracelets and sash do not follow this rule.)
Others: (Is a human and not a robot/android)
Nationality/Race: (Japanese)

Voice Configuration

French CV Voicebank in progress, VCCV English voicebank in progress, VCV with soft, normal, and power in progress, CVVC Indonesian in progress.

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