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Amai was originally created and voiced by his original owner morrysillusion. His ownership was transferred to SoraFan810 on March 27, 2020, where he received a new voice.


Amai is a monster from another world whose personality is essentially that of a spoiled rich kid. He's very snobby and condescending towards people and believes that he is better than everyone else.

Despite being a monster, he isn't very malicious or threatening towards people. He also has a human form, and in this form, his skin becomes a light brown color, his tail disappears, his ears become human, and he wears pink and yellow shoes with light blue shoelaces.

Voicebank Distribution

Amai's voicebank is a young sounding male voice. It is a Japanese CV voicebank that is romaji encoded, but is unaliased. He also has an MMD model that was made by Suminochan.

Voicebank Download: https://sta.sh/011gtpawgd7h

Model download: https://sta.sh/0293s65wizpj