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(Japanese: オルタナティブボイス - Orutanatibu Boisu)

An alternative to Iiki-chan (hence "Alternative Voice").

"Alto" (Japanese: アルト) for short.

GENDER Female VOICE RANGE F3-D#5 RELATED CHARACTERS Iiki-chan (same developer)
AGE n/a
GENRE n/a HOMEPAGE https://catlione.wixsite.com/altoandiikiutau
WEIGHT n/a CHARACTER ITEM A flower pot with any flower planted in it CREATOR Catlione
HEIGHT 178 cm VOICE SOURCE Catlione PICTURE LINK LIST Visit homepage
BIRTHDAY August 14 LIKES Persimmon fruit, grapes, tamagotchi, gardening MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE NICO NICO DOUGA




Calm most of the time, strict, gets angry very easily, rarely smiles.

Character background

    Alto is an android designed to help and serve people. Being a first test model, she developed her own personality and mind. Instead of being kind and friendly she ended up being strict and angry at times. Alto was ment to be reset, but she managed to escape and ran away.

    Alto rarely smiles, most of the time she is seen with a calm face. She finds people to be illogic for smiling in different occasions: happiness, sadness, anger, ect.. Iiki-chan told Alto to smile only when she is truly happy, so you can find Alto smiling when she takes care of her small flower garden or on other rare ocasion.

    Alto lives together with Iiki-chan in a rented apartment, does temp jobs and takes care after a small flower garden under ladder of their building. Alto and Iiki-chan are not related by bloodline in anyway, but Iiki-chan treats Alto as an elder sister, while Alto has more parental feelings towards Iiki-chan. She makes sure Iiki-chan eats well, goes to school and enjoys her life as a child, but also gets angry every time Iiki-chan gets into troubles.

Voice Configuration

Download: https://catlione.wixsite.com/altoandiikiutau

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