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(Japanese: - アルセッテ - Arusette*)

Alsett: Falsetto (the voicer intended to record this bank as a "Falsetta" append to Halt Tanner, but instead recorded Alsett. The name is thus a pun on that.)

*its name is romanized "incorrectly" because "Arusetto" would imply gender.

MODEL: C44 (C designates Cdra's voice; 44 is its number. This number is not known to appear anywhere on Alsetti's body, but...)
GENDER ??? (genderless or up to viewer) VOICE RANGE D#4-E6 (freq average C5. This range may be different depending on your gender flags and resamplers.) RELATED CHARACTERS

Halt Tanner (nebulously related, cousins?)

Soledi Renje (housemates; annoys the hell out of it)

Kory Stone (housemates)

AGE 13 GENRE Rock Opera (?) HOMEPAGE Cdra's Youtube Channel
BIRTHDAY October 29 (date recorded) LIKES Being left alone, compliments, quiet rooms, military chic. MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE March 13, 2011 DISLIKES People questioning its gender outwardly, noise, bright lights, Soledi, and pretty much everything else. SIGNATURE SONG n/a
PERSONALITY: (may be taken loosely) Serious, grouchy, stubborn as a bull, and more immature than it will ever admit. Alsett can be quite tsundere (heavy on the tsun side) if it does like someone, but usually, it just thinks everyone and everything is out to get on its nerves. And it can't take a joke for the life of it.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Seafoam green.
Headgear: Usually wears a military cap.
Eye color: Sapphire.
Earphones: none.
Dress: Military chic in navy blues, blue-grays, and yellows.
Others: Nothing of note.
Nationality/Race: Unknown (American?)

Voice Configuration

If there is any demand, Alsett will be given a VCV voicebank. However, at this time, it is an abandoned project.

Alsett's CV VC1 voicebank handles Japanese only and is aliased in both hiragana and romaji, though it is encoded in romaji. It may be downloaded here:

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