(Japanese: アレクサンダー・スケフィングトン - Arekusandaa Sukefinguton)
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TYPE: Utauloid
MODEL: Xx - (no number given)
GENDER Male VOICE RANGE A3-G6 RELATED CHARACTERS Alexandria Skeffington (twin sister, female counterpart by pitch manipulation)
Utake Kochiro ( The only girl he will get along with )
Yuu Wakana (vest buddy, he assumes Yuu to be male)Kuyou Yazumahashi (Classmate)
AGE 17 GENRE Pop, Rock, Techno, Electro, Soft. HOMEPAGE Corgi9
WEIGHT 112 lbs (50.80 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Glasses CREATOR Corgi9
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 4'11" ft (149.86 cm) VOICE SOURCE Corgi9 (Or as most of her friends call her, Corgi.) PICTURE LINK LIST See Homepage
BIRTHDAY December 6, 1992 LIKES Unicrons, rainbows, dogs, anything pink and frilly MEDIA LIST <N/A for now>
RELEASE DATE March 24, 2010 DISLIKES Most girls in general, his sister, being called a Shota. SIGNATURE SONG <N/A for now>
PERSONALITY: Alexander is a quiet, shy boy. He rarely get’s along with most girls. He is also a shota, but never wants to admit it, even though it is quite clear. Alexander isn’t that smart, either, and normally get’s tricked into doing a lot things he would never do. (For example: His sister tricked him into wearing a skirt a few times)

Supplemental Information

Hair color: A light brunet like color, with tints of darker brown.
Headgear: Glasses
Eye color: A mix between aqua blue and a soft baby blue
Dress: Men’s formal wear: Black vest, white undershirt, black dress pants/jeans, black tie, and black dress shoes. Plus a pair of Dragonfly wings, that are easily mistaken for pixie wings.
Nationality/Race: Human/German

Voice Configuration

Alexander can speak fluent Japanese, English, Hebrew, and a bit of German.

Alexander's Act1.5 is officially out. You can download it right here. [1]

(OTO.INI Files are fixed. Some triphones. )

Alexander's ACT 2.5 Is up for download.

(Re-recorded with a better Mic. ) [2]

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