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Akyura Yokomane [ 横間音アキュラ ] is a member of the Yokomane Family.

YOKOMANE FAMILY (Retired ~2016):

It is a big family, with 14 members:

Nikita Yokomane [ 横間音二キタ ] (First Yokomane Created) (17) (Voicebank is done)

Anita Yokomane [ 横間音アニタ ] (10) (Voicebank is done -> G-flag -20 from Nikita Yokomane)

Budo Yokomane [ 横間音葡萄 ] (14)

Hakita Yokomane [ 横間音ハキタ ] (15) (Voicebank is Done)

Akyura Yokomane [ 横間音アキュラ ] (24) (Voicebank is done) (V1, V2, and V3 Done, VCV + Whisper VCV is Done)

Kowakuyu Yokomane [横間音怖区湯 ] (the pervy grandpa) (100)

Kabu Yokomane [ 横間音カブ] (6 months old) (the Yokomane pet) (Voicebank is done)

Ibiko Yokomane [ 横間音イビコ ] (7) (Voicebank is done)

Ichipan Yokomane [ 横間音イチパン ] (21) (Voicebank is done -> G-flag -20 from Ibiko Yokomane)

1 Yokomane (Boy) [ 横間音ワン or 横間音1 ] (15) (Voicebank is Done)

Rikiru Yokomane [ 横間音リキル ] (18) (Voicebank is Done)

Saruna Yokomane [ 横間音サルナ ] (78) (V1 Scrapped for quality issues) (V2 is Done)

Trixx Yokomane [ 横間音ツリクス ] (Voicebank is Done)

Matsuto Yokomane [ 横間音マツト ] (26) (V1 VCV/CV, Neo CV, and V3 VCV done.)

Avalon Yokomane [ 横間音アヴァロン ]

The Yokomane family has been retired since ~2016. Many of the voicebanks are no longer obtainable due to being lost. If you're able to find any online then feel free to use!

Everybody is permitted to add their UTAUloid to the Yokomane family tree.

Akyura Yokomane 

Akyura boxart.png
Gender: Male Age: 18 Sexuality: Gay

Voice Range: D#2~C#4

Related Characters: (see above) Function: Remote Starts Acura/Honda Vehicles
Genre: TBD Homepage: NONE Relationships: Listed Above
Weight: 84 kg / 185 lbs Character Item: Acura Key Fob Designer: Mikei-Y
Creators: Mikei-Y+Zekei-Y+Rikei Height: 5'4 ft Catch Phrase(s):


"Literally, living for it!"

"Hey Hon!"

"Back up, the queen's here!"

Voice source: Rikei-Y (Colin Patrick)

Likes: Vacuuming, His Acura MDX, New technology, Cuddling. 

Dislikes: Stereotypical straight guys, straight guys who call him out for being gay, Old technology.

PERSONALITY: Feminine, Lovable, etc. He's the gay best friend of the group. His sister Trixx calls him a "Big teddy bear" because he's always lovable.Loves to make people laugh no matter what. Loves to be loud and flamboyant at times, but over all a quiet, lovable person. You'll most likely see Akyura in a group of his girl friends or his few gay guy friends. Akyura sees himself as "scene/emo" he loves to dress in darker clothes because he thinks it attracts other gays.

Don't pitchloid the voicebank please. Use it for everything you want.

Don't redistribute.

Don't copy the art.

CV 2.0 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4p9tzg16dz4281p/Akyura+Yokomane+CV+VB+ACT+2.0.zip/file CV + ENG 3.0 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/00d31jzeh2l8apz/Akyura+Yokomane+ACT+3+CV+Japanese++English+Supplements.zip/file

VCV + Whisper Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/c5a3e1m1i9rvxi1/Akyura+Yokomane+ACT+3+VCV+APPEND%CE%B2.zip/file