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Akumu Musou
(Japanese: 悪夢 無想)





Darker songs Siblings


AGE Several hundred years RANGE G#3~A2 HOMEPAGE
HEIGHT 10 ft VOICER Kuku-kun's Oldest brother PICTURE LINK LIST
BIRTHDAY November 2nd LIKES The supernatural, Bitter things, The dark MEDIA LIST
RELEASE DATE December 20th 2012 DISLIKES Sweets, too much light, very high pitched noises SIGNATURE SONG Song for the Great Demon King

PERSONALITY: Despite on how he acts he’s really a softie on the inside. He may act like a psycho killer, but for those who actually know him knows that he’s huge softie on the inside. Caring; He cares deeply for his. He knows he could go overboard sometimes with him, but he’ll be sure to make up for it. Observant is a trait most people wouldn’t think that he has. Believe it or not, he actually pays attention to everything , and everyone around him. He mostly notices small little details though. He’s pretty smart and could ace his tests, he just chooses not to. He just likes making everyone think that he’s a little delinquent. He makes a good advisor if he says so himself. Sometimes he sugar coats things, other times he doesn’t.

He curses like a sailor as every sentence that leaves his mouth has a curse word embedded in its contents. He doesn’t like anyone touching what is his, especially his. He doesn’t care if it’s a friend, teacher, or relative, he’ll block his lover from view. He’s afraid he’s too Sadistic. Since he falls under the Sadistic Seme category, he lives up to it and overdoes it with his paddle sometimes.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: White and grey.
Eye color: Demonic red
Dress/Outfit: Fishnet shirt
Others: Seven foot long snake tail. Name tattooed on face.
Species: Naga.


Akumu currently does not have a genderbend,

Voice Configuration

To achieve Akumu's correct voice, one must put a flag of g-10.

Cv voice bank is encoded in Hiragana and Romanji

Voice bank Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/dpnfk0cd4a88s5f/Akumu_ACT_2.zip


Creation facts

  • Akumu's name was originally Akira.
  • Akumu was originally a blonde human male with green eyes.
  • Akumu's orginal design did include fangs.
  • Akumu's design was orginally a three piece suit.
  • Akumu originally had an older sibling.

UTAU facts

  • Hates children.
  • Is a Naga demon.
  • 'He is a huge flirt. his most used phrase is 'すべての夢のために悪夢があります。(Subete no yume no tame ni akumu ga arimasu.| For every Dream there is a Nightmare.)
  • Akumu's Nicknames are
    • ​Aku-chan
    • Muu-chan
    • MuuMuu-kun

Notable Works

  • Please do not change the design of Akumu unless it is clothing for a song (even then he should still have his Naga tail).
  • Please DO NOT use any other pitches than those stated above.
  • Allowed to be used freely.

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