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Aku Gaki ( 悪ガキ / あくがき) is a childish, mischievous sounding utau made by paraps.

Voiced and Oto'd by tseorri


  • 悪ガキ literally means 'Bad Kid' or 'Evil Brat', this is a reference to his delusions that he is an evil cult leader.
  • Can also be spelled as "Acu Gaqui"


Aku Gaki is a young boy who thinks he is the leader of a cult, because of this, he is very narcissistic and enjoys when people listen to everything he says. Despite his cheerful demeanor, he has a quick temper and wont hesitate to talk down on people. 

  • Gaki has an established personality, he can be adjusted and changed to fit certain songs etc
  • His Character Item is a cross or a bag of trash
  • Likes: Singing, talking a-lot, knives, bullying
  • Dislikes: people who don't listen to him


  • White/silver hair
  • Black devil horns
  • Black Clergy shirt and shorts
  • knee High Socks with a garter
  • Black ankle-boots
  • (OPT.) Red robe
  • Rectangular earrings (often shown with an upside down cross)
  • Bandaged hands


  • Has a deep hatred for Mahone Ekubo
  • Though the other is often subject to gaki's childish bullying, he is "Friend's" with Itsuto Okaru
  • "Friends" with Max Matsuki, but usually he only talks to him for his own benefit
  • Friends with Iza Nemuichi
  • CLOSE friends with Jiyon aramaki

Voice Distribution


Voice information

  • Contains end breaths
  • Kana aliased and encoded
  • Voiced by Yimrei

Terms of Use

  • A proper terms of use regarding utau belonging to paraps as a whole is located on his offical website .
  • Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
  • Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
  • Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission


  • His character item is shown to be a bag of trash due to the running joke that Gaki is often found in a dumpster
  • Despite the cult he believes is running does not exist, he somehow has followers.
  • He tends to get mad at extremely petty and childish reasons.
  • He owns pet cockroaches.
  • He is secretly half-demon
  • despite being fairly young, he has taken up a habit of smoking.
  • Gaki is morosexual