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Ako holds deep affection for Nano (unreleased UTAU). Ever since their freshman year of highschool, the two have been thicker than thieves.

Not much else has been released.


  • Ako is never found without her nails painted one color or another. Strangely, the sight of bare nails sickens her.
  • Likes:
    • Something she could never do without is Nano.
    • Her favorite colors are a beautiful light blue and a deep, dark, shiny red ("...scarily similar to blood.", she can be quoted saying.)
    • Has a an affinity for affection. She craves attention and validation.
  • Dislikes:
    • Being left alone. It's one of her biggest fears. She would do anything to keep from being left alone and ignored.
    • Dirty laundry sucks, but Ako hates it more than most. Her canon death left her clothes bloody, and Nano was never able to wash all of the blood out. She hates herself for burdening Nano like that.


Ako Akoni's JP Voicebank - DL