Name Interpretation: None

Type: UTAUloid

Model: Unknown

Gender: Female

Voice Range: G3

Age: 18

Genre: Any



Related Character: Jasmine, Kacey, Kimiko, Nicky, Akio, Tadashi, Jun, Blake, Kiyoshi

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Character item: Doesn't have one yet

Creator: Tiana Koopa/TianaKoopa1

Voice Source: Tiana Koopa/TianaKoopa1's aunt

Birthday: March 17

Release date: March 17

Likes: Video games, singing, hanging out with her friends

Dislikes: Rude people, bullies

Personality: Helpful, kind, energetic PLEASE NOTE-- Even though Akira is given a personality, you are free to make one up.

If you like to roleplay, you are free to roleplay as any of my UTAUs

Supplemental Information:

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Dress: A red jacket with a white shirt, red pants, and black boots

Headphones: None

Signature song: https://soundcloud.com/tianakoopa1/testing-akiras-act-1

Voice Configuration

Her Act 0 http://tianakoopa1.deviantart.com/art/Akira-s-voicebank-EDIT-360064165


Her Act 1



Her Arpasing English voicebank


-Akira is the second UTAU I've created

-Her favorite Vocaloid is Meiko

-Her and Akio argue a lot

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