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 Character Design

Hair color: Green

Eye color: Green

Shirt: Green Side Button up

Jacket: None.

Pants: Light Green pants

Hair accessories: Ear headband

Feet: Green Shoes.

Nationality: Fillipino

Voice Configuration

ACT3: Discontinued.

VCV: Download(Monopitch VCV)

Append_Magiliw: Download(Monopitch CVVC)

Append_Bloom: Download(Monopitch CVVC)

Append_Tart: Download(Dualpitch VCV)

Append_City: Download(Monopitch VCCV)

Read his "README" before using his voice bank. Don`t use Akira as a PITCHLOID.


  • He is a tsundere.
  • He's bisexual.
  • He has a 'second' form is known as Shiori Aika. To get this just use the g-15(18) flag.

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