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===Akihiko Tsukikage===

(Japanese :明彦 月影 )

Name interpreation:

明彦 (Akihiko)-Bright prince

月影 (Tsukikage)-Moonlight

Gender Male Vocal range


does not pronounce the d in "De"

Siblings None
Age 17 Genre any home page none as of yet
Weight 156lbs Character item Sunlight color scheme sunlight
Height 5'10 voice provider Kuku-kun creator Kuku-kun
Birthday July 4th Likes Kurayami Hikari, ONE WAY, Night, the moon dislikes Akumu Musou, his name, when people compare him to the sun.
Release Date September 19th 2012 Concept art Signature song CV Demo



·         Ostentatious

·         Horrible at organization

·         Slighty narccisstic

·         Wild emotions

·         prideful


·         Loyal

·         “princely”

·         Loving

·         Resourceful

·         protective

Character design


  • Color-Sun yellow.
  • length-a little pass the neck
  • Bangs-Most of his hair is on the left side of her face, thus making  his hair right parted.'.

Eye color: Gold.

Shirt: Short top, long sleeves with frills.

Pants: White.

Shoes: Golden yellow.

Nationality- European-Japanese.

Voice configuration

Akihiko's voice is the default voice in the voicebank. To get his Trap voice, a flag of g-7/or g-10 must be applied.

The CV voice bank is encoded in Hiragana and Romanji.


The voice bank lacks some syllables, but it works fine with most songs.

Voice bank Download:


Kurayami Hikari (He LOVES her and will give anything just to get her to talk to him)

Akumu Musou(He knows about Kurayami's crush on him and hates him for it)

Kasa Iroai(Gets along with both sides and they actually hang out quite a bit)

Kawa Kyuusho( Has tendency to avoid him since he saw the fangs)

Rin Madako(Showers her with affection since she’s so adorable)

Ren Madako(Showers him with affection since he does the same to the sister)

ONE WAY(friends since ONE WAY hates Kurayami) 

Yoshiro Von Wolfgang(Can get used to him since he's too old for Kurayami)

Dr.Demento( Wants to punch the male sometimes, but doesn't)


Akihiko is his own Genderbend


Creation facts

  • Akihiko actually started off as a Trap, which turned into a reverse trap, which is now a male, but the creator is thinking about reverting him to his orginal design.
  • Akihiko and Kurayami were made side by side since the Creator did not want Kurayami to be alone.
  • The idea of Akihiko actuall came from the creator watching the Paradise Kiss korean Drama.
  • Akihiko does not have as many ACTs as Kurayami since he does not have a VCV voice bank.
  • Akihiko's character design was orginally more complicated than it's current design.

UTAU facts

  • Akihiko hates being compared to the sun.
  • Ahkihiko is a prince of sorts but he's beyound messy.
  • He has a crush on Kurayami.
  • He loves spoling little children and Rin MAdako is a victim of this.
  • He is the jealous type.
  • Akihiko's nick names are:
    • Aki-kun
    • Raito (do not call him this under any circumstances)
    • Tsuki
    • Tsukiko
  • The phrase Akihiko says the most is 私はライト呼び出さないでください!(Watashi wa Raito yobidasanaide kudasai!| Please do not call me Light!)


  • Please do not change the design of Akihiko unless it is clothing for a song.
  • Please DO NOT use any other pitches that are stated above.
  • Allowed to be used freely.

This Article has been written by the Creator of Akihiko Tsukikage, Please do not change any of the information.

Concept Art

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