Aiko Kikyuune (Kikyuune Aiko ( 気球音アイコ )) is a voicebank for the UTAU and UTAU-Synth program.


Before receiving a voicebank, Aiko was originally created as a fanmade VOCALOID character named Hazuru Sora. She was modified, given a voicebank, and subsequently released July 10, 2009 as part of Project UTAU XYZ, an UTAU series created by MystSaphyr. (The project has since been rebranded as Studio VOXYZ as of 2016).


Likes: sweet foods, video games, revenge

Dislikes: spicy foods, sore losers, being seen when crying

Character item: blue helium balloon (sometimes depicted as Fuu: Aiko's pet balloon, and an inanimate-object UTAU also created by MystSaphyr)

While Aiko has a basic personality given to her by her voicer, it is not "canon" information. She may be depicted in any way as long as it follows the Kikyuune family and UTAU software terms of use.

Aiko is tomboyish, and awkwardly lanky and tall. She's easily distracted and spends most of her time daydreaming or playing video games, and her temper is as short as her attention span. Aiko has a love of high places, and enjoys traveling in flying vehicles or looking out from observation decks on towers or tall buildings. She can be loud, proud and belligerent; she hates being seen as vulnerable to others. She sometimes slips into a Tennessean accent, moreso when she loses focus or becomes particularly aggravated.


  • 気球音 - Kikyuune; "hot-hair balloon sound" or alternatively "sound of the soul".
  • アイコ - Aiko; a common female first name in Japan meaning "beloved child".


  • Hair color - A short blue bob that sticks/spikes up in the back, and a dual ahoge/antennae that are sometimes depicted as being detached or floating above her head. These antennae can change shape based on Aiko's mood (such as turning into an exlamation point or question mark).
  • Headgear - Wears 2 large, white barettes that pull back the right side of her bangs. Top barette has a glowing green play button, bottom has a blue pause button.
  • Eye color - Same shade of blue as hair.
  • Earphones - A headset consisting of black and silver earphones with green glowing rings, blue padding, and a white microphone on the right earphone.
  • Outfit - See concept and reference art for full details. Aiko has two main designs; summer/primary (her original look) and winter/atlernate (designed by Aërendyll). Both designs primarily consist of a black and grey scheme with blue, green, silver and white details.


  • Akio Kikyuune - Genderbend achieved with g+12 flag. Aiko's brother.
  • Akiko Kikyuune - Aiko's mother.
  • Akihiko Kikyuune - Aiko's father.
  • Fuu - Aiko's pet sentient balloon / character item.
  • Harouka Aki - Aiko's aunt.
  • Injune Midori - Aiko's cousin.
  • Hibanane Chiyoko - Fellow VOXYZ UTAU.
  • Mathieu Rosaire - Fellow VOXYZ UTAU, occasionally depicted as romantic partner in the past.
  • Maddie Rosaire - Fellow VOXYZ UTAU.

Product Information

Product Information
  Genre: Unannounced  Range: Unannounced  Tempo: Unannounced
  Input: JP: romaji encoded, romaji+kana aliased. EN: Cz method phonemes.  Vowels: CV and VCV  System: Microsoft Windows and Mac
Package details as noted:
  • Aiko is bilingual, with voicebanks available in both Japanese and English.
Voicebank sample

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  • Aiko has appeared in the VOCAMERICA concert series, produced by EmpathP, as a main performer. She is the third UTAU in the show, alongside Namida and Viki Hopper.
  • Aiko was the first overseas UTAU to be featured on an EXIT TUNES album (UTAUMiRAi).


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