Blue Rin With Hatsune Skirt

(Japanese: 気球音アイコ - ききゅうねあいこ - Kikyuune Aiko)
気球音 (Kikyuune - The sound of the soul) - 気球 means "flying balloon" so this name would also mean "balloon sound" - it is open for interpretation
アイコ (Aiko; Affectionate Girl/Child) - Written in Kanji 愛子, a common female name in Japan.
TYPE: Knock Off
MODEL: 02 Rin Kagamine

Akio Kikyuune (Male voice counterpart using g+12; Brother)

Akiko Kikyuune (Mother)

Akihiko Kikyuune (Father)

Fuusenne (balloon)

Mathieu Rosaire (Fellow UTAU XYZ)

Chiyoko Hibanane (Fellow UTAU XYZ)

Maki Watase (Friend, fellow UTAU XYZ)

Neko Kanochi (Friend)

Hana Kyou (Friend)

Ariella (Friend, fellow UTAU XYZ)

Midori Injune (Friend)

Tony Yonne (Friend)

Kagami Kawaiine (Sister?)

Sideshow Aiko (Mac Fail)

Rin Kagamine

(Model she was edited off of)

Hatsune Miku

(The Model she stole the skirt from)

AGE n/a GENRE adaptable to many genres HOMEPAGE The Blue Balloon
WEIGHT 145 lbs (65 kg) CHARACTER ITEM balloon or handheld gaming device CREATOR mystsaphyr
UTAUxyz (Official Account)
BIRTHDAY July 10 LIKES sweet foods, video games, revenge, any sort of competitions, macloids MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE July 10, 2009 DISLIKES spicy foods, sore losers, being seen crying, being mistaken for various blue-haired "magical girl anime" characters SIGNATURE SONG "Breaking Point"

PERSONALITY: PLEASE NOTE-- Though Aiko has an extensive personality given to her by both her creator and the UTAU fanbase, it is entirely optional and songs or art made with Aiko does not need to follow these guidelines. This goes for her pairing with Mathieu as well; Aiko may be paired with any UTAUs, Vocaloids, or human singers song-wise.


Aiko is a bit of a tomboy. She's not good at striking up a conversation, mostly because she's usually distracted by daydreaming or video games. She has an extremely short temper and an even shorter attention span. Aiko has a love of high places, and enjoys traveling in flying vehicles or looking out from observation decks on towers or tall buildings. She can be loud, proud and belligerent and she hates being seen as vulnerable to others. She is described as "tsundere" for Mathieu Rosaire. Character-wise, she sometimes slips into a light Tennessean accent, moreso when she loses focus or becomes particularly aggravated. This accent quirk might possibly be implemented into her Act4 English voicebank.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Blue
Headgear: White hairclips with glowing green play and blue pause buttons, play on upper pause on lower
Eye color: Blue
Earphones: Circular, black, green glow rings and silver detailing
Dress/Outfit: Black short-sleeve hoodie with white cuffs on sleeves, white t-shirt, black skirt with blue and green designs, bulky metal boots with open fronts that makes up the outer casing of her lower leg (as she is a biodroid)

Nationality/Race: Japanese-American

Voice Configuration

Aiko is a Mac-based UTAUloid. She was recorded on Garageband and edited on Audacity, and her latest banks are configured on UTAU-Synth.

Aiko's voicebank is sometimes incompatible with older versions of the UTAU resampler for unknown reasons. Her latest V.4 voicebank works best with the default resampler, fresamp with F0 flags, or TIPS.

One of her older voicebanks currently has the capability to sing in English. Support for Tagalog, Spanish, and French is planned.

Her romaji-encoded voicebanks can be downloaded below. All voicebanks have hiragana support with aliases. Please see voicebank readmes for additional info.

V.5 "RockLoud" CV-VV Japanese  (Y0 and BRE0 flags preferred)

'V.5 "BalladSoft" CV-VV Japanese   ' (Y0 flags preferred, tested with BRE up to 40 without distortion; whisper samples included which are not to be used in UTAU engine)

Omake (extra samples)  (not to be used in UTAU engine)

Whistle VB 

Her genderbend can be created using a g+12 flag, producing Akio Kikyuune.

Usage Clause

Please check for Aiko's full Terms of Use.

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