Art by Kujjo

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Art by Kujjo

Supplement Information

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Light blue/gray/yellow

Hobbies: Fashion, modeling

Occupation: JINloid, Kpopstar, alleged high school drop out

Sexuality:  Pan

Race: Korean

Nationality: Japanese

Blood Type: motor engine oil

Voice Configuration

Ai only has two voice banks available for download as of now. Both are monopitch CV banks that come with breath extensions, (i.e: ahh... b1) It is decent for most genres and ranges.


Shimizu Ai CV Normal Monopitch

KARUI "Light" Append, softer and breathy

planned voicebanks

  • multipitch VCV Japanese
  • CVVC Korean
  • CVVC English

Terms of Use

Fair used of any kind, must follow UTAU rules of usage. Any form of media content is allowed. Creator retains the right to request any media to be taken down. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

Please do not edit.

Credit: Kujjo

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