Supplemental Information

Hair colour: Pale Pink

Eye colour: Emerald green

Earphones: None

Dress: See here (Sweater is black, tank top is dark blue, her skirt is in a black-and-white piano pattern, her socks are white, and her shoes are a light pink.) :

Nationality: Japanese Canadian

Favourite phrase: 「書いてください」"Write it down, please!"

Voice Configuration

So far, Acapelloid has one CV voicebank that comes with romaji samples and hiragana samples.

She has very few, because she is meant for a capella songs, hence her voicebank being called "Acapelloid".

She is downloadable here:

Additional Notes

Acapelloid is allowed in art, fanfiction and other works, and her likes can be ignored.

Acapelloid's voicebank is under the UTAU usage clause.

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