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(Japanese: ASTRAL - アストラル - ASUTORARU)



MODEL: 0.2.5 (On his back)

GENDER Male VOICE RANGE F#3-B4 RELATED CHARACTERS Chikka Torreliza (Afraid of/Friends)

Kireii Koe (Fellow Astraloid/ Friend)

SHIZUKA (Fellow Astraloid)

Ren Megumi (Fellow Astraloid/ Likes/ Friend/ Possible man crush)

Rena Megumi (Fellow Astraloid/ Friends/ Bestfriend)

KOKORO(Fellow Astraloid/ Little shit he knows)

SPADE (Fellow Astraloid/ Another little shit he knows)

AGE Unknown/Only god knows GENRE Depends (pop/techno) HOMEPAGE Doesn't have one yet
WEIGHT 135 Ibs CHARACTER ITEM Game Cards CREATOR / Voice provider Astrallights / Astrallights~ / 1astrallights1
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'7/170cm Race Chimera/English PICTURE LINK LIST Not available
BIRTHDAY 3rd June LIKES Messing with people, Being around others, Quiet rooms, Ren & Rena, Ukes, Everything, Clean things, being clean MEDIA LIST Not available
RELEASE DATE 21st February DISLIKES Being Ignored, Being Chimera, Foods that are too sweet,Dirt, Food in general, Assholes in general SIGNATURE SONGS Sigh
PERSONALITY: Astral is a nice person in general, generally he gets along with everybody boy or girl. He dislikes dirt/filth environments and tries to avoid arguments that are a waste of time or that are not needed. He doesn't like the fact that he is a Chimera because he feels the stones that are attached to his skin make him look weird/different and is self conscious of others staring at him.  He likes to follow his best-friend Rena around as she is clumsy and isn't really a people person he feels that it is his duty to protect her from being taken advantage of by Shizuka's teasing. He has a slight attraction to the Megumi siblings as he is jealous of their voices and see's them as role models although they are probably much younger then him.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Brown hair.

Headgear: Electronic angel like wings on either headphone.

Eye color: Purple.

headphones: Black pointy headphones.

Clothes: He wears whatever he feels is suitable for the song

Nationality/Race: English/Chimera

Favorite phrase: "Do I know you from somewhere?"

Usage Clause



♪ You can make original songs with Him.

♪ Do not use my UTAU for anything illegal.

♪ Usage must follow the terms set by UTAU's Creator.

♪ No Claiming this voicebank as your own, or claiming to be it's creator.

Voicebank Usage

♪ Permission is not required for banks to be used.

♪ Showing the creator is not required, but appreciated.

♪ Modification of the OTO.ini file is ok for personal use. Contact the creator for any major issues.

♪ Commercial usage requires the creator's permission.

♪ Do not redistribute the voicebanks.

♪ Do not redistribute a modified version of any of this UTAU voicebank.

♪ Do not use the voicebank(s) as a Pitchloid.

♪ Do not use the samples in the voicebank for another UTAU voicebank.


Astral CV Eccentric Japanese: Download