鬼星 クラミ - M08


ASTER Kurami is the third OBSCURALOID published on June 13, 2017 by AYATONIC. Her development began on April 27, 2017. Her birthday is also April 27th.

She is the cousin of [[RYATALOID M]] and her male counterpart is [[ASTER Kurono]].

Average Range: E3~G#4

Genre: Ballad


Described as always deep in thought, lacks outward emotions and empathy. She is actually polite, but has a habit of lurking. She is cautious and is never caught off guard. Even though she is small, she is feared by many. Kurami is a fully fledged vampire who mastered her powers at age twelve due to the fear she has of her brother coming to find her. She is the only remaining member of her family to possess both of her Aster eyes.

Likes: Cloudy days, weapons, marigolds, and autumn.

Dislikes: School.

Name Meaning

クラミ Kurami - "Dark Beauty" Black color scheme, named after Kitty Kurai.

Fullbody by Kitty Kurai

鬼星 ASTER - "Star" Demon.

Voicebank History

CV: Released June 13, 2017. DL [1] (NORMAL) Flag: g-5

VCV: Released October 31, 2017. DL [2] Flag: g-5

- Valo: Released April 27, 2018. DL [3] Flag: g-5e

VCCV: Unreleased, in production.

Related Characters


- ASTER Kurono: Brother, fellow OBSCURALOID

- AYATO: Friend, fellow OBSCURALOID

Trivial Information

  • The third OBSCURALOID to become public.
  • She is the only public feminine voice of the OBSCURALOID series.
  • At one point, she was considered the most difficult to record.
  • Her character items have been recognized as a Bazooka gun and her Pink bow.
  • Kurami is of Japanese and Swedish descent.

Character Trivia

  • She is fully a vampire, but does not have red eyes.
  • She fears that one day her brother ASTER Kurono will come for her, so she learned to protect herself with weapons.
  • She calls herself RYATALOID M's little sister in place of her real brother, who is missing.
  • She has a bazooka she named "Ryakku."
  • Her violet irises, called the "Aster eyes" allow her to see through materials and contribute to her telepathy.
  • She is haunted by nightmares and visions almost nightly.

Usage Clause

  • DO NOT: Claim this work as your own, humiliate the character, or fail to write her name properly.
  • YOU CAN: Use without permission: Her banks, create fanart, roleplay and shippings. Nothing is official without her creator's consent.
  • R-18 content is allowed but not encouraged.
  • Please write her name in eastern order. (ASTER Kurami)


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Voice Samples

【UTAU】だってだってだって 【ASTER Kurami】 VCV

【UTAU】だってだってだって 【ASTER Kurami】 VCV

【UTAU】 Himawari 【ASTER Kurami】 VCV

【UTAU】 Himawari 【ASTER Kurami】 VCV

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