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Have you got any dreams?

ANUBIS (アヌビス), real name Rashidi Ata, is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


ANUBIS is dream-eater, similar to a baku, with a great knowledge of sorcery. They were once a witch-hunter. They're really clever and wise. They appear to be shy, but the reason they don't talk much is they don't care about things that don't bother them. Although they are a cold person and never show their true feelings, they are really emotional and empathetic, though they know how to suppress those feelings. They likes joking around with people who get along with them.

  • Item - Two blades with an Ankh
  • Likes - Philosophy, history, eating dreams, red-haired people, bugging GASUTO, magic, strategy games and poker
  • Dislikes - Eating nightmares, sex, humans (usually), witches, being bored


  • Anubis - The Egyptian god of mummification and the afterlife.
  • Rashidi - Wise.
  • Ata - Twin.


  • Hair color - Navy blue with blue highlights; the purple, cyan, and pink gradient is actually smoke
  • Headgear - None
  • Eye color - Blue (left) and green (right); they have two scars on the left side of their face covered by their hair
  • Earphones - None
  • Outfit - See image; their "breasts" are actually pouches attached to their shirt for aesthetic and carrying weapons


  • Unnamed twin
  • GASUTO - "Subordinate"
  • GUAU - Unknown relationship, the two are always together
  • Salvi Yuta - Friend
  • Koru Fivet - Hates(?)
  • CUL - Idol
  • MAIKA - Idol

Voicebank distribution

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
Multilanguage CVVC CVVC D2~B5 "Use the flags Y20F20H30C22L5g+2 and the Fresamp resampler for optimum performance." n/a

Voice details

  • Input - Hiragana encoded and romaji aliased
  • System - Microsoft Windows
  • Optimum - Genre: Ballads, Slow Songs; Range: D#2~B#5

Voice samples

Additional information

Terms of Use

All the provisions below shall be applied to the voicebank, ANUBIS.

  • You CAN'T edit and/or make a genderbend/fanloid using their voice.
  • You CAN'T claim this/these voicebank/s as yours.
  • You CAN'T use this UTAU for religious hymns.
  • You CAN make drawings and songs (covers and originals) using this character, as long as you credit the creator for the voicebank.
  • Ask the creator before using this character for roleplaying, please.
  • DON'T create +18 stuff of this character, please.
  • You CAN ship this character with the character you want (even if they are male, female, non-binary or they aren't human) as long as it's SFW.
  • If you can't find the answer to your question here, check the FAQ or send the creator an ask on the TIMELOID Tumblr or through their website.
  • Of course, you CAN'T use this character and/or voicebank for illegal purposes.
  • If you want to use this character and/or voicebank for commercial purposes, you MUST ask for the creator's permission first.
  • Click here to view the full terms of use for this UTAU.


  • Their birthday is October 6th.


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