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AMBER is an UTAU voicebank being developed by DALLY UTAU


On July 14, 2018 Dally :/ and BAT proposed the idea of making an UTAU Voicebank. Then after asking a friend if she was willing to provide samples, they began work. After a few days of working, Dally :/ announced that he and BAT were working on an UTAU project on VOCALOID AMINO. On July 26, 2018, Dally :/ had answered questions that many would be asking and announced the name of the Voicebank, AMBER.[1] She is still in development.


[Work In Progress]


Product Information



Experimental Features

Add-On Effects

DALLY UTAU is experimenting with a feature called Add-On Effects, this is where adding a capital lettter that corresponds with the effect at the end of a note will give the note an audio effect. So far, only the Reverb effect is know to work.[1]

Universal Input Support/oto.ini Custom

DALLY UTAU is experimenting with a feature called UIS(Universal Input Support) or oto.ini Custom. Where it allows users to use many different input types (Such as VCCV or CVC)[2]

Product Information
  Genre: R&B and Country  Range: Unannounced  Tempo: Unannounced
Package details as noted:

Yet to be Released by Dally UTAU.

Voicebank sample

Work in Progress


  • UTAU on Windows

More information will be released in the future


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