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(Japanese: - AL-LOID - アル-ロイド)

NAME MEANING: n/a: Name based upon creator, Alli-Chan

TYPE: UTAUloid - Series of ZILLAloids

MODEL: 07 (not located anywhere on UTAU)




G#3 - B4


GV1 - friend/best friend

Tonyu Tasamuki - friend/'blue buddy'

Sparky Sparks - friend

Exile Waf - friend

Pink Betsuon - Best Bro

(others tba)

AGE 14 (does not age) GENRE Trance, Techno, Rock, Pop, Dubstep HOMEPAGE


WEIGHT ?? (very light) CHARACTER ITEM  Magic Wand/Winged Headset CREATOR Alli - Chan
BIRTHDAY 12th of April LIKES  Cute animals, friends,  birds, flying, parties, singing, art, acting.  MEDIA LIST N/A

 July 20th, 2013

DISLIKES Bullies, waiting too long for things, broccoli, Haunted Houses, getting yelled at. NOTABLE WORKS


TenShou, ShouTenshou

PERSONALITY: AL-Loid is a friendly and happy-go-lucky girl who's occupation is a small-town actress in Japan. She loves acting, singing (of course!), drawing, and making arts and crafts. She tends to be a bit loud and bothersome for people who live near her town, though, and as she tries to hold grudges between her small brother and others teasing her, she has no restriction for beating anyone up... but, she hardly does that due to her cheerful demeanor.   She has a small tendency to not like waiting and pressure, and these things combined make her very grumpy with most people in these times. It's a well-known fact she can be as mad as a hornet and sting like the honeybee, but her friends calm her down and try to protect her from the people who bully her. This isn't just harmless teasing, mind you, as name-calling and ignorance has made herself feel like a nobody, and the condolences of her friends haven't made things better. But, whatever the weather, day, or  time, she can get right back up again and start singing as joyfully as she does, carrying her happy spirit with her everyday.

Supplemental Information

Al loid by rageynoodles-d6ca9ba.png

Hair color: Brown, golden on tips of hair                                     Headgear: Winged-Headphones                                                                   Eye color: Turqoise, and on occasion blue.                                     Headphones: Blue Headset with Wings Dress: Polkadotted and various pattered blue dress, many frills.                                                       Nationality/Race: Japanese.                                                                       Favorite phrase: " あなたどちらろくでなしかわいいない?" (Which one of you punks said I wasn't kawaii?)

Voice Configuration

AL-loid is designed for the Japanese language only currently. Her voice data is written in Kana or Hiragana only, so it may trouble some users who don't know how to convert it to that state.

Most syllables are in the folder, but cannot be used due to mic pops like pi, pu, pe, po and others. When the voicer gets a new mic, she will start making english banks and filling the syllables in for a VCV. 

CV/Act1 here - DOWNLOAD!

Usage Clause

  • All songs are welcome for her to sing, as long as they are not sponsoring a cause of unhappiness, unless said by the author to do so.
  • Do not use AL-loid's character for R-16 purposes. 
  • The VB is made by Alli-chan only. Do NOT, give out the VB without her permission.
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