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(Japanese: AIり - AIri)

A.I. (A.I) - the initials of 'Artificial Intelligence'
り (ri) - this makes the female name 'Airi

AIri can be pronounced as either 'A-eye-ree' (A I り) ''or- 'eye-ree' (あいり)




Teto (Idol)

Mai (friend)


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WEIGHT 49kg CHARACTER ITEM Piano belt accessory CREATOR DeviousBunny

1st September

LIKES Dancing, cupcakes, playing piano MEDIA LIST  
RELEASE DATE 20th June 2010 DISLIKES Singing badly, being told she looks like someone else, people being selfish SIGNATURE SONG


PERSONALITY: AIri loves dancing, and is better at dancing than singing. She is often teased for her singing, although she doesn't like it, it encourages her to try her best to improve. She is shy mostly around strangers and those of a higher status, but she tries to be more confident. She smiles when she is nervous or feels awkward.

She only likes to show happiness in front of people, and is generally optimistic. AIri doesn't like talking about people behind their backs and will try to change the subject, if someone she's talking to starts to talk badly about someone.

BACKGROUND: AIri ['AI1', 'AI1♀'] was created by a robotics and android research company that's based in Japan, but expanded to other countries interested in their technology. She is a DANCEloid.

She was created in Britain, so she is an English UTAU, but she sings Japanese. They hope to expand her language database so that she can sing in other languages.

She prefers her name to be pronounced as 'Airi', because it's a proper name and that, to her, 'A-I-ri' sounds too robotic, and she doesn't want to be seen as a robot.

SPECIAL: AIri can change her hair colour, length and style instantly at will, without physically having to do anything to it. It just 'changes'.

AIri's creator allows her outfit and hairstyle to be changed to the user's liking for art work (fanart, coverart, etc) as long as they don't claim her as their own character. The creator prefers AIri to be portrayed with purple hair.


  • AIri most likes to have her hair colour purple.
  • AIri always has an ahoge on the right.
  • AIri always has a red light on her left arm that usually says 'AIri' on it.
  • As well as being a fully functioning musical keyboard, when a key on AIri's piano belt is pressed, it will light up red.
  • AIri has to reboot every 4 hours for 20 minutes. If she misses a reboot session, she will become very slow and not function properly.
  • Although AIri can change her hair colour and style at will, she doesn't usually change the colour or change the ahoge.
  • Her first song was created on 16th June 2010
  • AIri's birthday is based on her initials - A is the 1st letter of the alphabet, and I is the 9th - the 1st of the 9th month (September).
  • AIri can only make cupcakes. With the exception of cupcakes, AIri is terrible at cooking.
  • Aside from dance, AIri hates sports. She finds them boring.

Supplemental Information

Headgear: Headphones

Hair colour: Purple

Eye colour: Blue

Headphones: Black, with studs spaced evenly across the top. The main ear pieces are white and circular, with a large red light. There's a black musical note on the lights. The microphone is on the right.

Dress: Main colours are purple, black, red, green and white. The red and green are lights. The grey areas are screens.

Nationality/Race: English, but programmed to speak Japanese.


Current AIri MikuMikuDance Model

AIri MikuMikuDance Model

AIri used to be known as 'Airi Izumi', but DeviousBunny didn't want her UTAU to have a 'proper' name (first and last name), she felt it was 'too human', and wanted something different. She would rather people DID NOT draw AIri with her old design, unless they've used her Act 1 or Act 2 voicebanks. Her old design can be seen here.

Box Art

AIri BoxArt -medium-

Usage Clause


  1. Don't use AIri in any way that could get you or DeviousBunny in trouble.
  2. You have permission to pair AIri with any other UTAU, Vocaloid, Autoloid, etc. However, DeviousBunny would rather that AIri wasn't paired romantically with any character that is below the age of 16.
  3. AIri can be used for voice acting, if proper credit is giving.
  4. No redistribution in any way, shape or form is allowed.
  5. No edits should be done to the voicebank. The only edit allowed is to fix the oto file. DeviousBunny would like to be informed if this happens.
  6. You need permission before using AIri's original artwork (meaning artwork of AIri that was created by DeviousBunny).
  7. You're allowed to use AIri's box art in videos without permission ONLY if AIri's voicebank was used in the song.
  8. You have permission to change AIri's appearance (hair colour & style, and outfit) as long as you do not claim AIri as your own character, and make it clear who the character originally is. AIri also must always have an ahoge on the right.
  9. No commercial use. 
  10. When publishing work, you must put AIri's name somewhere in the video or in the video description.

Voice Configuration

AIri currently only has a Japanese voicebank, and therefore doesn't have phonemes for other languages, though it may be possible to improvise. Her voice data is encoded in roman characters with kana support. AIri's current voicebank is Act 3, a CV bank.

DeviousBunny is currently working on AIri's Act 4. It will be a VCV voicebank, and will probably be configured to be used like a CV bank as well.

She hopes to also start making voicebanks for other languages sometime in the future.

AIri Act 4 was recorded in REAPER.

AIri Act 3 was recorded in REAPER.

Airi Izumi Act 1 & 2 were recorded in Audacity.

All recordings were done using a Logitech Webcam.


Current Voicebanks

CV Voicebank: AIri - Act_3.0 [encoded in Romaji & Hiragana]

VCV Voicebank: AIri Act 4 - Coming Soon

Old voicebanks (just in case someone wants them);

Airi Izumi - Act 2 (CV) [encoded in Romaji & possibly Hiragana]

Airi Izumi - Act 1 (CV) [encoded in Romaji & possibly Hiragana]


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