-AINE Midori ACT 1 vs ACT 2- Future (ミライ, Mirai)-UTAU Cover-

AINE Midori ACT 1 vs ACT 2 Voicebank in"Mirai"


Her name is Aine Midori, as know as AINE Midori (Japanese:愛音みどり). Her family name, Aine (愛音),is the conbination between "Ai" is "Love" and "Ne" is "Sound" in Japanese. It means "The Sound of Love". Her name, Midori is one of the Japanese female popular given names and it is Japanese name of her voice provider.


She has blond hair, wears a thin pink headband and blue eyes. She often wears a purple vest, pink skirt and purple boot.


-UTAU cover- AINE Midori-Bad Apple--Edited Romaji YellowSky + 1 Part Copy-

AINE Midori Covered "Bad Apple"- song of Touhou Project.

She is a sweet girl. She likes eating mashmallow covered in sugar. She always happy and feels comfortable.

She has a "Heart Stick", it is used as her microphone.

Her voice provider is Vu Thach Thao, a Vietnamese. Her voice range is E3-C6 (ACT 1). Because of some problems with ACT 1, a new voicebank called "ACT 2" is released, with voice range is D#4-A5. 

Her birthday is 8 August, it's also her voice provider's birthday.


AINE Midori's First Japanese voicebank is released in 13 Octorber 2019.

Download her ACT 1 voicebank:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1B9T_pbbrugjCZFKFo5MVicyAdUAVdHBe

Download her ACT 2 voicebank:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oDxaocl73J6xnKKEmjx8TjxMzKzZUjj3

Official Image

AINE Midori's Official Image by Vu Thach Thao.


-AINE Midori ACT 2- Future (みらい, Mirai)--UTAU Cover-

Her ACT 2 Voicebank sings "Mirai".

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